Grand Mufti and Islamic Jurisconsults

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What is the role of a Grand Mufti?

Advising the ruler on religious matters and appointing judges

What is the origin of the office of Grand Mufti?

It originated in the Ottoman Empire in the early modern era

What title did the government-appointed mufti of Istanbul come to be recognized under?

Shaykh al-Islam

What is the primary function of a mufti?

Issuing nonbinding opinions on Islamic law

What change occurred to the role of muftis of the Ottoman Empire in the 15th century?

They began to be integrated into a hierarchical bureaucracy of religious institutions and scholars

Test your knowledge of Islamic jurisconsults and the role of the Grand Mufti in this quiz. Explore the origins of the office, its historical significance, and its role in modern countries. Learn about the qualifications and responsibilities of muftis, including their authority to issue nonbinding opinions on Islamic law.

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