Grade 12 Entrepreneur Module 5: Marketing Mix and Strategy

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What is the term used to refer to the process of value exchange that is facilitated by the 4P’s?

Marketing mix

In marketing, the term 'marketing mix' historically centers around which of the following?

Product, price, place, and promotion

What does the term 'product' in the marketing mix refer to?

Goods or services offered to satisfy customer needs

Which of the following best represents the marketing mix's definition?

A set of marketing tools used to pursue marketing objectives

According to the text, what is the primary role of marketing in selling?

Identifying and qualifying leads

What does the term 'PRICE' refer to in the context of marketing?

The amount the customer pays for a product

What is the role of 'PLACE' in the marketing mix?

Position and distribution channel of the product to make it accessible to potential buyers

What does 'PROMOTION' refer to in marketing?

Methods used to gain customer attention for a product

How does the marketing mix help businesses?

By making profitable marketing decisions at every level

What is the role of marketing strategy according to the text?

Developing goods and services with best profit-making potential

Study Notes

Marketing Mix

  • The process of value exchange facilitated by the 4P's is referred to as the marketing mix.
  • Historically, the marketing mix centers around the 4P's: Product, Price, Place, and Promotion.


  • The term 'product' in the marketing mix refers to the goods or services offered by a business to meet the needs of its customers.

Marketing Mix Definition

  • The marketing mix represents the combination of marketing tactics and strategies used to promote a product or service.

Role of Marketing

  • The primary role of marketing is to identify and meet the needs of customers, thereby creating a mutually beneficial exchange.


  • The term 'PRICE' in marketing refers to the amount the customer pays for a product or service.


  • The role of 'PLACE' in the marketing mix is to ensure that products or services are available to customers at the right time and location.


  • 'PROMOTION' in marketing refers to all the activities and communications used to inform, persuade, and remind customers about a product or service.

Marketing Mix Benefits

  • The marketing mix helps businesses to create a competitive advantage by identifying and meeting the needs of customers.

Marketing Strategy

  • The role of marketing strategy is to guide the development and implementation of the marketing mix to achieve business objectives.

Explore the vital role of marketing in the sales process and how the integration of sales and marketing can enhance overall performance. Learn about the development of marketing strategies and the significance of the marketing mix in Grade 12 first semester finals.

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