Gothic Architecture in Italy

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What is the primary purpose of the TORRES DE SERRANOS in the defensive wall of Valencia?

To defend one of the busiest points of access to old Valencia

What is the characteristic feature of the ANTWERP CATHEDRAL in terms of its architecture?

It has a nave flanked by triple aisles

Which of the following cathedrals is an example of French Gothic architecture in the Netherlands?


What is the name of the architect who designed the ANTWERP CATHEDRAL in the late flamboyant Gothic style?

Jean Appelmans

What is the name of the gate in the old city of Toledo that was continued in the 13th century in Gothic style?


This quiz explores the characteristics of Gothic architecture in Italy, specifically the Basilica de San Antonio Padua, and its unique blend of medieval influences. Learn about the features of churches in this style, including roof design and façade details.

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