Gordon Allport's Personality Traits

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According to Gordon Allport, what is the key element of personality traits?

Dynamic organization

What did Gordon Allport emphasize about the individuality of personality?

It is shaped by individual experiences, genetic factors, and environmental interactions

What determines an individual's unique adjustments to the environment according to Allport?

Personality traits

According to Allport, what does personality involve?

Both psychological and physical (biological) aspects

According to Eysenck's theory of personality, which dimension relates to an individual's level of sociability, enthusiasm, and assertiveness?


What did Allport stress about personality's nature?

It is continually evolving and adapting to new experiences

In Eysenck's theory of personality, what does the dimension of Neuroticism-Emotional Stability focus on?

Emotional stability and tendency to experience negative emotions

Which psychologist is best known for his person-centered or client-centered therapy approach?

Carl R. Rogers

According to Carl Rogers, what is the therapist's role in person-centered therapy?

Providing empathetic understanding and unconditional positive regard

What did Eysenck expand the dimension of Psychoticism to include?

Traits like tough-mindedness, non-conformity, and creativity

What refers to any observable reaction, behavior, or action produced by an individual or organism in response to a stimulus?

Behavior response

Which category of behavior includes behaviors that are innate in organisms and typically do not require learning or experience?

Innate behavior

What is the first goal of psychology?

Understand and explain behavior

What can stimuli be categorized into based on their nature and complexity?

Learned behaviors

What is the main emphasis of the definition of psychology provided in the text?

Investigating mental behavior in all its aspects and processes

What does external behavior refer to?

Observable actions and conduct exhibited by an individual

In the context of psychology, what does 'behavior' refer to?

Any observable and measurable action or reaction

What did Wilhelm Wundt define psychology as?

The science that investigates inner mental life

What do stimuli refer to?

External events or situations triggering a response

How did McDougall define psychology?

The scientific study concerned with behavior to discover laws that enable us to understand it

Test your knowledge of Gordon Allport's contributions to personality psychology and his definition of personality. Explore the key elements of Allport's concept of personality and its dynamic nature.

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