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True or false: GOG Galaxy is a game distribution platform similar to Steam and Origin.


True or false: Before downloading the build, you need to add the Beta Code provided in the Project Info/Daily Task.


What is the purpose of GOG Galaxy?

To distribute games for Windows, macOS, and Linux

True or false: GOG Galaxy is only available for Windows operating system.


Where can you find the Beta Code required before downloading a build?

In the Project Info/Daily Task

What should you click on to redeem a GOG code?

Cogwheel icon > Add games & friends > Redeem GOG code

True or false: To find the test build after redeeming the GOG code, you need to click on the Sliders icon and then Manage installation.


Learn how to navigate GOG GALAXY with this comprehensive guide. Discover how to install GOG, log in, redeem codes, and access test builds. Perfect for those new to the platform or looking to optimize their experience.

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