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What is the main characteristic of globalization?

Interconnectedness and interdependence

Which type of ownership is associated with capitalism?

Private ownership

What does 'solid' refer to in the context of globalization?

Barriers that make movement difficult

What represents 'homogeneity' in the context of globalization?

Increasing sameness in the world

What is the main challenge faced in regulating transactions and movements in globalization?

Barriers that restrict movement

What perspective in international relations emphasizes relationships and negotiations?


Which theoretical approach believes that globalization is not necessarily about financial return but about continued centrality?


What do ideas represent in the context of globalization?

Cultural norms

Which of the following technological trends made significant changes according to the text?

Fast pace of technological change

What is an essential component of an institution?

Regulatory structures

Which theoretical approach focuses on hard power, sameness, complex interdependence, and smart power?


Test your knowledge on globalization, interdependence, interconnectedness, capitalism, and communism. Explore the qualities and characteristics associated with globalization and different economic systems.

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