Global Warming and Climate Change

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What does global warming refer to?

The increase in global average air and ocean temperatures

According to statistics, why is warming happening faster than ever before?

Human activity

What is the 'greenhouse effect'?

The trapping of heat by gases in the atmosphere

What is the purpose of the ozone layer in the Earth's atmosphere?

To absorb harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun

What are some man-made greenhouse gases mentioned in the text?

Chlorofluorocarbons and carbon dioxide

What gas is released by deforestation and the combustion of fossil fuels?

Carbon Dioxide

Which gas is produced by emissions from cars, fertilizers, and power plants?

Nitrous Oxide

What gas did refrigerators and aerosols release in the past but are now illegal?


What happens when mountain glaciers and polar ice caps melt according to the text?

Sea levels rise

What effect does global warming have on polar bears according to the text?

They are in danger of starving due to less ice for fishing

Learn about global warming and climate change, including the increase in global average temperatures and the long-term variations in weather conditions. Understand the impact of human activity on these phenomena.

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