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Why do companies like Uber prefer hiring independent contractors instead of full-time employees?

To avoid providing benefits and job security

How do companies use technology to manage independent contractors efficiently?

Through algorithms and mobile phones

What is a key issue in the ongoing debate about companies like Uber and independent contractors?

The level of control exerted by companies over independent contractors

Why do some people struggle to make ends meet in the gig economy?

Due to the need to take on multiple gigs to earn a living wage

What loophole do companies exploit due to the lack of a clear distinction between employees and independent contractors?

Avoiding providing benefits to workers











Study Notes

  • The gig economy in the American workforce is growing, with companies like ride-sharing businesses hiring independent contractors instead of full-time employees.
  • Technology allows companies to manage independent contractors efficiently through algorithms and mobile phones, offering flexibility in work hours and performance evaluations.
  • There is an ongoing debate about whether companies like Uber are de facto employers due to the level of control they exert over independent contractors.
  • The lack of a clear definition between an employee and an independent contractor in the law creates loopholes for companies to exploit.
  • People drawn to the gig economy for flexibility and independence often struggle to make ends meet, leading to insecurity and the need to take on multiple gigs to earn a living wage.

Test your knowledge on the gig economy and the use of independent contractors by companies like Uber. Explore the challenges and debates surrounding the classification of independent contractors and the impact on workers' rights.

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