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What principle suggests that the current features of the Earth are the same as they were 4.6 billion years ago?


Which term refers to the study of rock layers and their formation?


According to the Law of Superposition, which rock layer is the oldest?

Law of Superposition

Which type of unconformity involves tilted or folded rock layers that are overlain by younger, more horizontal layers?

Angular Unconformity

What term refers to the process of geological features being created or modified within the Earth?


Study Notes

  • The text discusses the principles of geology, specifically focusing on the objectives of studying rock layers, stratigraphy, and the fauna found within them.
  • Endogenic and exogenic fauna refer to organisms that originated within (endogenic) or outside (exogenic) of the Earth's crust.
  • The study of rock layers and their formation is essential for understanding the Earth's history, as they provide key insights into the Earth's past environments and geologic processes.
  • Stratigraphy is the branch of geology concerned with the study of strata and the relation of one stratum to another. The principles of stratigraphy include:
    • Stratification: the layering of sediments over time
    • Stratigraphic Laws:
      • Law of Superposition: older rocks are buried beneath younger ones
      • Law of Inclusions: older rocks are incorporated into younger ones
      • Law of Cross-Cutting Relationships: younger rocks cannot cut through older ones
    • Law of Original Horizontality: sedimentary layers are initially deposited horizontally
    • Law of Faunal Succession: successive layers of sedimentary rock record the history of life in the area
    • Law of Unconformities: gaps in the rock record where there is no deposition or erosion
  • The text mentions three types of unconformities: disconformity, angular unconformity, and non-conformity. These represent different ways that younger rocks relate to older rocks.
  • Uniformitarianism is a principle that states the processes that shaped the Earth in the past are still operating in the present. This principle is key to understanding the Earth's history through the study of rock layers and their fauna.

Test your knowledge of geology and stratigraphy vocabulary with this quiz! Identify and match terms related to rock layers, stratigraphic laws, endogenic and exogenic processes, and the principle of uniformitarianism.

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