Geographies of Rural Change
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Geographies of Rural Change

Test your knowledge on the geographies of rural change in GEOG 220. This quiz covers core themes such as the definition and characteristics of rural areas, obstacles and themes related to rural development, theoretical perspectives, strategies for rural development, and an explanation of rural poverty. Explore topics including globalization and health issues.

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What is one of the challenges/issues related to land in rural areas mentioned in the text?

Patriarchy and land reform

Why is it difficult to define rural areas?

Because of their size and isolation

What are some key themes in rural development?

Structural adjustment programs and integrated rural development

What is one of the explanations for rural poverty mentioned in the text?

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What is the importance of understanding the term 'rural'?

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Study Notes

Defining Rural Areas

  • Difficulty in defining rural areas lies in the diverse characteristics of rural areas, making it challenging to find a universally applicable definition.

Rural Development

  • Key themes in rural development include poverty reduction, social equity, and environmental sustainability.

Rural Poverty

  • One explanation for rural poverty is the lack of access to resources, markets, and services, which hinders economic growth and development.

Understanding Rural Areas

  • Understanding the term 'rural' is crucial as it helps in identifying and addressing the unique challenges and needs of rural areas, which are often distinct from those of urban areas.

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