Geoffrey Chaucer's Life and Times

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When was Geoffrey Chaucer born?


What event occurred in 1381 besides the Peasants' Revolt?

The establishment of English as the language of law-courts

What was Geoffrey Chaucer's social class?

Son of a wine merchant

Who did Chaucer become a page to?

The Countess of Ulster

What significant event in literary history occurred around 40 years after Chaucer's death?

The invention of printing

Who deposed and murdered Richard II?


What was Chaucer's occupation when he was taken prisoner in France?


Why did Chaucer turn to French literature?

Because the East Midland dialect lacked richness and literary traditions

What is a distinctive feature of Chaucer's writing in The Canterbury Tales?

Observation of life as it is really lived

What is a characteristic of Chaucer's language that makes it seem modern?

Use of a language that is recognizably similar to Modern English

What can be said about the phrases from Chaucer's works that have become part of everyday speech?

They are still widely used and recognized

What is a key aspect of Chaucer's greatness, according to the text?

His living quality that speaks to us today

Explore the life and historical context of Geoffrey Chaucer, one of the greatest English poets. Learn about the significant events that shaped his life and influenced his work. From the Hundred Years' War to the Black Death, discover the fascinating backdrop of Chaucer's era.

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