General and Physical Chemistry Lecture 2: Solutions

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Which substance is considered the solute in a solution?


In which physical state do gas solutions primarily exist?


What is the solvent in aqueous solutions?


Which type of solutions primarily involve water as the solvent?

Liquid solutions

What is the process of dissolving different solutes in water known as?


Which type of solution are metal alloys an example of?

Solid solution

What is the maximum concentration of a solute that can be achieved in a particular solvent under given conditions?


What is the physical state of a solution typically like?

It is typically the same as the solvent

Which concentration unit is temperature dependent?


What is the unit for expressing very low solute concentrations, such as parts per million (ppm) or parts per billion (ppb)?

Mass Fraction

What does the mole fraction of a component in a solution represent?

The moles of the component divided by the total moles of all solution components

What do you call a solution when the solute's concentration equals its solubility?


What factor does the extent to which a solute dissolves in a solvent depend on?

Nature of the solvent and solute molecules, temperature, and pressure

Which concentration unit is independent of temperature?


What are the components of a solution dispersed into?

Molecules, Atoms, and Ions only

The weight fraction is expressed in which unit?

Percentage (%)

This quiz covers the dissolution process, electrolytes, nonelectrolytes, solubility, and colligative properties in solutions. The content is based on the lecture outline and presentations by Andrey Mereshchenko and openstax.

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