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What is emphasized in legal notions regarding contracts as opposed to economic notions?

Content basis of contracts

Which aspect is usually not considered effective in ensuring cooperation for long-term relationships?

Formal enforcement

What can increase under enforcement other than legal incentives?

Non-legal incentives

Which mechanism is mentioned as simple and incomplete in terms of enforcing contracts?

Formal enforcement

What do economic notions perceive contracts as, in contrast to legal notions?

'Protecting' future actions

What is the main purpose of law in society according to the text?

Avoids or settles disputes

Which of the following is NOT a function of the law as mentioned in the text?

Promotes social inequality

In which country does the legal system include Civil, Common, Jewish & Muslim laws?


What is the significance of a writ in the legal system as per the text?

A comm& of the King directed to resolve disputes

Which legal system uses precedents to assist in interpreting statutory law but does not require courts to follow earlier decisions?

Civil law countries

What is the primary role of substantive law as mentioned in the text?

Establishes rights and obligations governing individuals and organizations

What is a common criticism of legal writings according to the text?

They are badly organized, confusing, and repetitive

What is an essential factor for achieving efficiency in legal compliance?

Enforcement of legal rules

In what context do judges in Spain intervene the most according to the text?

Civil law cases

What is reduced through legal interpretation according to the text?


Which factor contributes to lowering the effective negotiating capacity according to the text?

Standardized contracts

What does the level of enforcement imply according to the text?

High level of compliance

Test your knowledge on game theory concepts related to cooperation, contracts, and Nash Equilibrium. Explore how opportunistic behavior can impact short-term and long-term relationships.

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