Functions of Input Devices

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What is the purpose of 'وحدات الادخال'?

To input data into the system

Which function do 'وحدات الادخال' primarily serve in a computer system?

Data input

What is the main role of 'وحدات الادخال' in a computer?

Accepting user input

Which task is associated with 'وحدات الادخال' in a computing system?

Data entry

وحدات الادخال are associated with data output in a computing system.


The main role of 'وحدات الادخال' in a computer is to process data.


The purpose of 'وحدات الادخال' is to transfer information from the computer to external devices.


The primary function of 'وحدات الادخال' is to receive and process commands from the user.


This quiz explores the purpose and role of 'وحدات الادخال' in a computer system. It covers the primary function and associated tasks of 'وحدات الادخال' in a computing environment.

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