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What is network marketing primarily used for?

To expand sales through a network of distributors

Why do manufacturers utilize network marketing in business structures requiring multi-level marketing?

To accommodate a large network of distributors and sub-distributors

What advantage does network marketing offer manufacturers?

No need to rely on advertising

What is a disadvantage of network marketing mentioned in the text?

Difficulty controlling distribution and sales

What is the relationship between M-commerce and E-commerce?

M-commerce is a subset of E-commerce

Who coined the term 'm-commerce' and in what year?

Kevin Duffy in 1997

Which of the following is NOT listed as an application of M-commerce?

Hotel Booking

What is the main purpose of franchising in business?

To expand a business without additional costs

What do franchisees gain by entering into a franchising agreement?

They receive training and assistance from the franchisor

Which party in a franchise is responsible for providing goods, services, and assistance?


What does a franchising agreement entail?

It is a contract that specifies applicable terms and conditions for the franchise

What is one disadvantage for franchisors mentioned in the text?

Leaking secrets to competitors

Which type of aggregator collects and compiles similar and important information on one website?

News Aggregators

What is one advantage of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) discussed in the text?


What is the purpose of an aggregator as described in the text?

To collect and compile important information

Test your knowledge on the disadvantages for both franchisors and franchisees, as well as the concept of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). Learn about issues like lack of direct control, leaking secrets, adhering to policies, paying royalties, and how BPO works in the business world.

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