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What is organizational structure/design?

The process of arranging tasks within an organization

What does work specialization/division of labour refer to?

The degree to which tasks in the organization are divided into separate jobs

What are the advantages of work specialization?

Decrease in absenteeism

What are the disadvantages of work specialization?

Jobs becoming too simplified

What happens in a small organization with regard to work specialization?

Low level of work specialization

What is illustrated by an organizational chart?

The formal arrangement of jobs within an organization

What is the continuous line of authority that extends from upper levels of an organization to the lowest levels of the organization and clarifies who reports to who?

Chain of command

Which factor affects the width of span of control based on the skills and abilities of the manager?

Skills and abilities of the manager

What is the degree to which decision-making concentrates at a single point in the organization?


What is the concept that a person should have only one boss and should report only to that person?

Unity of command

Which factor influences the amount of decentralization in an organization when decisions are relatively minor?

Lower-level managers want a voice in decisions

What is the degree to which jobs within the organization are standardized and the extent to which employee behavior is guided by rules and procedures?


What refers to the number of employees who can be effectively and efficiently supervised by a manager?

Span of control

In combined departmentalization, what does an organization put into practice?

Several types of departmentalization

What factor affects the width of span of control based on the physical proximity of subordinates?

Physical proximity of subordinates

What is it called when organizations in which decision-making is pushed down to the managers closest to the action?


Test your knowledge of the foundational concepts of organizational structure and design. Explore topics such as formal job arrangement, coordination, and organizational charts.

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