Foundations of Human Resource Management Quiz

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What led to the establishment of 'welfare offices' and 'safety bureaus' in the late 1800s?

Labor problems in post-industrial revolution factories

What new task was added to the responsibilities of personnel management in the 1930s?

Helping the employer deal with unions

What made employers more dependent on personnel management in the 1960s?

New equal employment laws

What impact did globalization have on personnel management in the 1970s?

Increased the need for gaining a competitive edge

What were employers setting up in the early 1900s that marked the beginning of personnel management?

Hiring offices and training programs

Test your knowledge of the fundamentals of human resource management with this quiz covering topics such as the transition from personnel management to HR management, the historical context of workforce organization, and the key functions of HR. This quiz is designed to reinforce your understanding of the introductory concepts in human resource management.

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