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Formula Bottle Preparation

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Which group of individuals is responsible for reviewing and updating the Bottle Safety & Preparation Policy each year?

Nominated Supervisors

Which area should educators use for all bottle and food preparation?

Designated bottle and food preparation area

What should educators do before emptying the contents of the formula container into the bottle?

Check the child's name on the formula container matches the bottle label

Why should educators not warm bottles in the microwave?

Microwaving can cause the milk to turn into steam and potentially scald the infant

What should educators do to test the temperature of bottle contents before feeding the child?

Place a few drops on the inside of their wrist

What should educators do with leftover formula?

Discard it

What should educators do to ensure the safety of bottle warmers?

Keep them inaccessible to children at all times

True or false: Young children are more susceptible to food borne illnesses and infection.


True or false: Educators should wear gloves when preparing bottles.


True or false: Food and bottles should be kept separate from the nappy change and toileting areas.


True or false: Educators should rinse all children's bottles thoroughly after use and leave them to air dry before placing them in the child's bag?


True or false: Educators should record the feeding using the Xplor Playground App, including the quantity of milk consumed and any other relevant observations?


Educators will thoroughly wash hands and wear ______ when preparing bottles


Educators will check child’s ______ on formula container matches the bottle label


Educators should supervise children with bottles at all times. Children will not be placed on beds or in cots for feeding as this can be a ______ hazard


Quiz: Formula Bottle Preparation Procedure Test your knowledge on the correct procedure for preparing formula bottles for young children. Learn about the importance of hygiene practices and how to ensure the safety of young children from foodborne illnesses and infections.

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