Forensic Odontology: Teeth and Serial Killers

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What type of marks do incisors typically make?

Rectangular marks

Which teeth leave round or oval-shaped marks?


What does a missing, short, or damaged tooth result in a bite mark?

Blank spots

How reliable are bite marks according to the text?

Not easy or overly reliable

What can be used to aid in the comparison of suspect and bite mark?

Transparent overlays of bite marks

What is the main purpose of Forensic Odontology?

Identifying remains

How many adult teeth should a 13-year-old typically have?


Why is analyzing bite marks difficult for connecting or eliminating a suspect?

Bite marks can change over time depending on the surface

Which individual was convicted based on a bite mark found on a victim's buttocks?

Ted Bundy

What is the hardest substance in the body?


Which teeth are seen as primary biting teeth according to the text?


Explore the unique field of forensic odontology that combines dentistry with law enforcement, mainly used for identifying remains. Learn about famous cases like Ted Bundy's conviction based on a bite mark, and John Wayne Gacy's identification through teeth and skeletons. Dive into interesting facts about human teeth and their development.

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