Foodborne Disease Outbreaks Definition

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What is the definition of a foodborne disease outbreak?

Two or more illnesses caused by the same germ linked to eating the same food

What percentage of Americans are estimated to get sick from foodborne diseases each year?

1 in 6 Americans

Who is responsible for investigating a foodborne disease outbreak after a specific event, such as a restaurant meal or church potluck?

The local health department in that area

In which settings can foodborne disease outbreaks occur?

A restaurant meal, a church potluck, a catered meal, and a festival or temporary food event

Why is it thought that the number of foodborne illnesses reported to the health department is much less than the actual number of illnesses that occur every year?

Because some foodborne illnesses have mild symptoms that go unnoticed

During a foodborne disease outbreak investigation, what is the role of the health department?

Identify the germ causing people to become sick

What is a vital member of the team in a foodborne disease outbreak investigation?

The public

What is a key step in a foodborne illness outbreak investigation?

Gathering information from the public

Which department has a response team structure in place for prompt response to foodborne disease outbreaks?

Department of Health

What is the purpose of inspections during a foodborne disease outbreak investigation?

Observing establishment for problems in hygienic practices

Learn about the definition of foodborne disease outbreaks, including the criteria for identifying an outbreak and the impact of such incidents. Understand the estimates of illnesses, hospitalizations, and deaths caused by foodborne diseases in the United States.

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