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FIFA Football Agent Disclosure and Publication

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What is the primary purpose of FIFA's disclosure and publication?

To provide transparency in the representation of Clients

What information is NOT disclosed by FIFA according to Article 19?

The business strategies of Football Agents

What is included in the information disclosed by FIFA regarding Football Agents and their Clients?

All of the above

Why does FIFA disclose information about sanctions imposed on Football Agents and Clients?

To promote transparency and fairness in the industry

What is the main reason for FIFA to disclose details of all Transactions involving Football Agents?

To promote transparency in the Transactions involving Football Agents

Study Notes

Disclosure and Publication

  • FIFA is required to make available information on Football Agents, including their names and details.
  • The Clients represented by Football Agents must be disclosed, including the type of representation (exclusive or non-exclusive) and the expiration date of the Representation Agreement.
  • The specific services provided by Football Agents to each Client must be published.
  • Any sanctions imposed on Football Agents and Clients will be made publicly available.
  • Details of all Transactions involving Football Agents will be disclosed, including the amount of service fees paid to Football Agents.

This quiz covers Article 19 of FIFA regulations, which deals with the disclosure and publication of information about football agents, their clients, and transactions.

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