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What is the main focus of universal level ethics?


According to basic principles of ethics, what does the Principle of Goodness advocate for?

Promoting goodness over badness

What does the Principle of Justice in ethics emphasize?

Treating others justly and fairly

In ethics, what does the Principle of Truth Telling promote?

Integrity and respect for positive values

What is the main idea behind the Principle of Individual Freedom in ethics?

Guiding freedom towards peace and harmony

'Ethics BASIC PRINCIPLES OF ETHICS' focuses on promoting which aspect?

Integrity and respect for positive values

'Ethics UNIVERSAL LEVEL' emphasizes the importance of which principle?

Peace and harmony

What is the core idea behind the Principle of Value in ethics?

Protect life and others' lives

'Ethics BASIC PRINCIPLES OF ETHICS' states that people must always protect their ________.

Life and lives of others

What is the central theme of 'Ethics UNIVERSAL LEVEL'?

Peace and harmony

Test your knowledge on famous philosophers and their ideas, including existentialism, feminism, and postmodernism. Learn about key thinkers like Simone de Beauvoir and Michel Foucault.

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