Eye Anatomy and Ametropias Quiz

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Which of the following refractive errors is characterized by light converging to a focus in front of the retina?


What is the refractive power of the reduced schematic eye described in the text?


Which lens type diverges light and stimulates the accommodative system?

Concave lens

What is the simplified refractive index for the eye (n') mentioned in the text?


In which type of vision does parallel light rays converge to a sharp focus on the retina?


What is the distance from the anterior corneal surface to the nodal point of the eye?


Which type of lens converges light and relaxes the accommodative system?

Convex lens

What is the function of prisms in relation to accommodation?

Diverge light

What causes myopia?

Steep cornea

How is hyperopia corrected?

Convex lenses

What is the most common eye disorder?


What causes presbyopia?

Loss of strength of the ciliary muscle

What does hyperopia lack?


What is the cause of compound myopic astigmatism?

Steep cornea

How does the eye compensate for hyperopia?


What is the cause of simple hyperopic astigmatism?

Flat cornea

Test your knowledge of general eye anatomy and ametropias (refractive errors) with this quiz by Dr. Ariette Acevedo Rodríguez, O.D. PPO. Learn about myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, and presbyopia, and identify key points on a simplified schematic eye.

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