External Parts of Female Reproductive System: Vulva Anatomy

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What is the main function of Mons pubis according to the text?

To protect the pelvic bones from trauma

Which part of the vulva is more sensitive and responsive to touch than the labia majora?

Labia minora

What covers the outer surfaces of Labia majora?

Hair follicles

What is the purpose of Labia majora according to the text?

To protect the inner delicate parts of the vulva

Where is the clitoris located relative to the labia minora?

At the apex of labia minora

Which part of the vulva fuses posteriorly to form fourchette?

Labia minora

Learn about the external parts of the female reproductive system, focusing on the vulva. Explore the functions and characteristics of the Mons pubis and Labia majora.

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