Exploring the Definitions of Personality

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According to Allport's definition, personality can be described as

A dynamic organization of psychophysical systems

What is the emphasis in psychological definitions of personality?

Individual differences

What criteria do psychological definitions of personality typically include?

Relatively enduring and important aspects of the self

According to the psychoanalytic approach, which level of consciousness has the strongest influence on our behavior?


What is the difference between the manifest content and the latent content of dreams according to the psychoanalytic approach?

Manifest content is what the dreamer recalls, while latent content is the true meaning of the dream

What is primary process thinking according to the psychoanalytic approach?

Thinking that is driven by the pleasure principle

What is Adler's theory of individual psychology primarily concerned with?

Investigating the influence of social and psychological factors on personality

According to Adler, what is the main reason why all human beings experience psychological and social inferiority feelings?

Because of the helplessness of the human infant

What is the potential consequence of an unsuccessful adjustment to feelings of inferiority, according to Adler's theory?

The development of an inferiority complex

According to Adler, what was the main cause of psychological illness?

Faulty lifestyle

What did Carl Jung call his model of the personality?

The psyche

According to Jung, what is the endpoint of personality development?

The achievement of self-realization

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