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How many columns does Excel have?

16,384 columns

What is the active cell in Excel?

The selected cell

How can you create a new worksheet in Excel?

Click New on the File menu

What is a cell reference in Excel?

The name of an area where a column and a row intersect

How can you select a cell in Excel?

Clicking your mouse pointer on the cell

Study Notes

Excel Basics

  • Excel has 16,384 columns, labeled A to XFD.

Cell Management

  • The active cell in Excel is the cell that is currently selected and highlighted, where any data entry or editing takes place.

Worksheet Creation

  • A new worksheet in Excel can be created by clicking the "New Worksheet" button in the "Home" tab or by pressing the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + N.

Cell References

  • A cell reference in Excel is a way to identify a cell or a range of cells using its column letter and row number, such as A1 or A1:B2.

Cell Selection

  • A cell in Excel can be selected by clicking on it with the mouse or by using the arrow keys to navigate to it and pressing the Enter key.

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