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In which era did the PC operating system software in the 1990s make it possible to link PCs into networks?

Client/Server Era (1983 to Present)

What type of computers are networked to powerful server computers in client/server computing?

Desktop or laptop computers

What refers to both the software application and the physical computer on which the network software runs in client/server computing?


What did firms turn to in the early 1990s to integrate disparate networks and applications throughout the firm into an enterprise-wide infrastructure?

Networking standards and software tools

What does cloud computing provide access to, over a network, according to the text?

Shared pool of computing resources

What determines the power of personal computers, according to the text?

Speed, capacity, and flexibility

Why is knowledge of a computer’s power important, according to the text?

To determine if your current system will run new applications

What do competent end users need to understand, according to the text?

Functionality of the basic components of the system unit

During which era did the proliferation of personal computers occur?

Personal Computer Era

Which event marked the beginning of widespread commercial use of mainframe computers?

Introduction of the IBM 1401 and 7090 transistorized machines

What did the IBM 360 series contribute to the evolution of mainframe computers?

Increased support for online remote terminals

Which era saw the introduction of transistorized machines like the IBM 1401 and 7090?

General-Purpose Mainframe and Minicomputer Era

What software tools were launched during the Personal Computer Era that were valuable to home and corporate users?

Word processors, spreadsheets, and electronic presentation software

What made mainframe computers powerful enough to support thousands of online remote terminals in the General-Purpose Mainframe and Minicomputer Era?

Introduction of proprietary communication protocols

Test your knowledge on the evolution of IT hardware, system units, and different types of computer hardware. Explore the general-purpose mainframe and minicomputer era and the trends in computer hardware.

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