EViews Tutorial: Examining Variables

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What is the first step in examining variables in EViews?

Double-click on the series to open it

What is displayed in the upper leftmost corner of the series window toolbar?

The description of the contents of the series

What type of view is displayed by default when a series is opened in EViews?

Spreadsheet view

What is the name of the series that is recommended to start with?


What happens when you double-click on a series in EViews?

The series object is opened and displayed

What can be inferred from the graphical representation of the output, money supply, and prices variables?

A consistent increase in their values over time.

What happened to Egypt's exchange rate between 2000-2003?

It increased due to pound devaluation pressures.

What is the purpose of examining the graphical representation of the variables?

To summarize the properties of time-series variables.

What happened to the interest rate over time?

It was fixed at the beginning and fluctuated in a declining direction.

Why did Egypt's exchange rate stabilize until 2004?

Due to central bank decisions.

Learn how to examine variables in EViews, starting with the M2 series that contains the money supply. Understand how to open the series and view its default spreadsheet. This tutorial is perfect for beginners in EViews.

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