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Evidence Handling Procedures for Law Enforcement Officers

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What should an officer do when handling evidence to avoid destruction of latent fingerprints or trace evidence?

Handle the item in the least intrusive manner

When marking an item for later identification, an officer should:

Mark the item clearly and prominently

What is the officer's responsibility regarding evidence if a UEDI/Crime Scene Unit Investigator is not available?

Assume custody and secure the evidence responsibly

What action should an officer take when a firearm must be removed from a crime scene to protect it?

Secure the firearm to protect it from loss or destruction

How should an officer protect evidence from unnecessary handling?

Protect the evidence from loss or unnecessary handling

Why is it important for an officer to mark the exact location where evidence was found?

To ensure proper documentation of the evidence's location

What is the primary responsibility of the officer who recovers a firearm at a crime scene?

To record the location, condition, and mark it with initials

How should the officer handle the recovered firearm after documenting its condition and location?

Either a or b is correct

What additional step is required of all officers involved in a felony apprehension at a crime scene?

Prepare supplemental reports documenting their actions

What is the first step a UEDI/Crime Scene Unit Investigator should take upon arriving at a crime scene?

Survey the crime scene to determine the type of crime

When is a UEDI/Crime Scene Unit Investigator required to receive approval and direction from a supervisor before processing a major crime scene?

Only for major crime scenes

What is the purpose of establishing a perimeter at a crime scene using crime scene barrier tape?

All of the above

What should the follow-up unit detective do if provided with a copy of the master video recording upon arrival at the scene?

View the master video recording to verify the incident was properly recorded

If the master video recording is made from a digital recording device, how should the follow-up unit detective view the video?

View the video on another computer, if available, to verify it was properly recorded and downloaded

What should the follow-up unit detective do if additional video is needed after reviewing the digital video recordings made at the scene?

Document the camera number(s) and six-digit time (hours:minutes:seconds) of the incident to be copied

If the follow-up unit detective takes custody of a master video recording, where should they deliver it?

Deliver it to the video tape receptacle located in the Headquarters Building Central Mail Room

Where should any master video recordings received by or forwarded to the follow-up detective NOT be stored?

In the case jacket of the follow-up detective or a city network drive

Where should all master video recordings ultimately be forwarded to?

The Technical Investigations Detail

What should be done to safeguard the entrances and exits possibly used by the perpetrator?

Allow no unauthorized person near these areas

Which areas should be isolated during a robbery crime scene investigation?

The areas where the actual robbery took place

What should the UEDI/Crime Scene Unit Investigator be shown?

Both areas where the perpetrator was observed and may have touched something

When is a UEDI/Crime Scene Unit Investigator dispatched for a burglary crime scene?

On all confirmed burglary calls

If the owner or authorized representative is not available to give consent for processing a burglary scene, what should the UEDI/Crime Scene Unit Investigator do?

Conduct a latent print investigation only at the point of entry and exit

Under what circumstances can a supervisory officer authorize the processing of a burglary scene when the owner or authorized representative cannot be located?

When the need exists

According to the procedures outlined, who should be present during the execution of search warrants where digital storage devices are anticipated?

A Technical Investigations Detail Detective with prior approval from the supervisor

What should officers do if they encounter digital storage devices during a search?

Use caution to avoid damaging or destroying the digital evidence

If switches, buttons, keyboards or other input devices on digital storage devices are manipulated, what should be done?

The manipulation should be documented in a written report

If a digital storage device is located and determined to be related to a criminal offense, what should be done?

The Technical Investigations Detail should be contacted

If a Technical Investigations Detail Detective does not respond to the scene, who will collect the digital storage device(s)?

A Crime Scene Investigator

Where can the collected digital storage device(s) be taken for forensic analysis?

To the property room or computer forensic lab

Learn about the correct procedures law enforcement officers must follow when handling evidence to protect it and ensure proper processing. This quiz covers topics like preserving evidence integrity, marking evidence locations, and safeguarding evidence from contamination or loss.

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