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What is the focus of Normative Ethics?

Determining moral rules and principles

Which ethical theory is associated with evaluating which acts are right or wrong?

Deontological Ethics

What is the primary concern of Virtue Ethics?

Developing good character traits

In which category of ethics would you find Virtue Ethics?

Normative Ethics

Which branch of ethics focuses on the application of moral principles to specific issues and cases?

Applied ethics

What is the main concern of virtue ethics?

Examining moral character traits and virtues

Which of the following is NOT one of the main branches of ethics mentioned in the text?

Virtue ethics

In the context of ethics, what distinguishes virtue ethics from other ethical theories?

Prioritization of individual character traits and virtues

What is the primary focus of meta-ethics?

Investigating the meaning of ethical terms

Which of the following is an example of metaethical studies?

Moral Intuitionism

In the context of applied ethics, why is it termed 'applied'?

Because it attempts to resolve specific moral problems using general ethical principles

How does aesthetics differ from meta-ethics and normative ethics?

Aesthetics relates to the theory of beauty and art experiences

Test your knowledge on ethical theories and philosophical concepts with questions exploring the relationship between actions and principles, the foundation of moral principles, the existence and characteristics of God, and the concept of good and evil.

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