Essential Minerals in the Human Body Quiz

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Which mineral is classified as a major mineral based on the text?


Which mineral is mentioned as a component of organic compounds in the text?


Which mineral is an example of a trace element according to the text?


Which mineral is required in large amounts of over 100 mg/day according to the text?

Sodium Chloride

Which mineral is mentioned as an essential component of haemoglobin in the text?


Study Notes

Minerals Classification

  • Major minerals are required in amounts over 100 mg/day
  • Examples of major minerals are not specified in the text

Minerals in Organic Compounds

  • Minerals are components of organic compounds

Trace Elements

  • Trace elements are required in amounts less than 100 mg/day
  • An example of a trace element is not specified in the text

Haemoglobin Composition

  • Haemoglobin contains an essential mineral component, but it is not specified which one

Test your knowledge of essential minerals in the human body with this quiz. Explore the roles of minerals like sodium, calcium, and iron in maintaining health and functioning. Assess your understanding of their importance for growth, repair, and overall well-being.

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