Erythrocytes and Their Functions

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What is the primary function of erythrocytes?

Carrying oxygen in the blood

Which protein is responsible for carrying oxygen in erythrocytes?


What is the composition of the erythrocyte plasmalemma?

40% lipid, 10% carbohydrate, 50% protein

What is the basis for the ABO blood typing system?

Antigenic sites on glycophorin A

What forms a lattice bound to underlying actin filaments in erythrocytes?


Where do erythrocytes frequently assume a cuplike shape according to in vivo observations?

At the angles of capillary bifurcations

What is the main function of the submembranous meshwork mentioned in the text?

Stabilizing the membrane and maintaining cell shape

What is the primary function of hemoglobin in erythrocytes?

Carrying oxygen and carbon dioxide

What is the primary source of energy for erythrocytes?

Anaerobic glycolysis

What causes the removal of senescent or worn-out erythrocytes from circulation?

Defects in the membrane's cytoskeletal lattice or ion transport systems

What is the average lifespan of human erythrocytes in circulation?

120 days

What is the main function of macrophages in relation to RBCs?

Recognition and removal of senescent RBCs

Which major groups are leukocytes divided into based on the density of their cytoplasmic granules?

Granulocytes and agranulocytes

What distinguishes granulocytes from agranulocytes?

Presence of distinct lobes in the nucleus

What is the primary characteristic feature of granulocytes?

Abundant cytoplasmic granules

How do granulocytes generate energy for their needs?

Depend largely on glycolysis

What is the estimated lifespan of granulocytes?

Only a few days

What happens to most granulocytes in the connective tissue?

Undergo apoptosis

What is the role of macrophages in removing cellular debris?

They remove the debris without causing an inflammatory response

What is the shape of the nucleus in agranulocytes?


What causes leukocytes to slow down and attach to the endothelium in venules?

P-selectin on endothelial cells

What is the process called when leukocytes send extensions through the openings between endothelial cells?


What triggers the attraction of neutrophils to bacteria?


Where do leukocytes migrate during diapedesis?

Out of the venules into the surrounding tissue space

What is released from various sources to trigger loosening of intercellular junctions in endothelial cells?


What is the role of P-selectin in the interaction between leukocytes and endothelial cells?

Causes leukocytes to slow down and attach to the endothelium

What is the range of leukocytes in healthy adults per microliter of blood?


What do all leukocytes contribute to in the body?

Defense against invading microorganisms and tissue repair

Test your knowledge about erythrocytes (red blood cells or RBCs), their unique structure, and their function in the body, including their ability to carry oxygen and their behavior in the vasculature. This quiz covers the properties and behavior of RBCs in different blood vessels and capillaries.

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