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Match the following components of blood with their associated functions:

Erythrocytes = Transport of oxygen and carbon dioxide Plasma = Risk of free hemoglobin Hemoglobin = Contained inside erythrocytes Blood viscosity = Related to the thickness of blood

Match the following functions of erythrocytes with their descriptions:

Transport of oxygen and carbon dioxide = Function that involves the movement of gases Blood viscosity = Function related to the thickness of blood Containing hemoglobin inside erythrocytes = Function that prevents a certain risk in plasma Free hemoglobin in plasma = Condition that is prevented by a specific function of erythrocytes

Match the following terms with their roles in the human body:

Erythrocytes = Perform functions related to blood Hemoglobin = Contained inside specific cells Plasma = Receives potential risks Blood viscosity = Affected by certain factors

Test your knowledge on the functions of erythrocytes including oxygen and carbon dioxide transport, blood viscosity, and the role of hemoglobin in preventing the risks of free hemoglobin in plasma.

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