Epithelial Tissue: Glandular Epithelium Classification

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What is the defining characteristic of glandular epithelium?

Secretion of substances or hormones

How do exocrine and endocrine glands differ in their secretion mechanisms?

Exocrine glands secrete into ducts, while endocrine glands secrete into the circulatory system

Which type of exocrine gland has no duct, but secretes its products directly on the free surface?

Unicellular exocrine glands

What is the difference between simple and compound exocrine glands?

Simple glands have one unbranched duct, while compound glands have branched ducts

Which of the following is NOT a method of secretion used by exocrine glands?


What is the defining feature of multicellular exocrine glands?

They are composed of clusters of cells

Which type of exocrine gland is the most common unicellular gland?

Goblet cells

Which characteristic do simple and compound exocrine glands share?

They both originate from epithelial tissue

This quiz covers the definition of glandular epithelium, its classification, and the classification of exocrine glands. Learn about the specialized group of cells that synthesize and secrete substances or hormones and understand how these glands develop from epithelial tissue.

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