Enzymes of Clinical Significance

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Name two enzymes of clinical significance mentioned in the text.

Amylase and Lipase

What are the two glands in the pancreas?

Exocrine gland and endocrine gland

What is the purpose of amylase?

Breakdown of starch and glycogen to monosaccharides

What are the activators of amylase?

Ca+ and Chloride (Cl-)

What does the 'saccharogenic' method measure?

The appearance of the product and the amount of reducing sugar

Test your knowledge on enzymes of clinical significance in the field of clinical chemistry laboratory. This quiz covers topics such as amylase, lipase, ALT & AST, ACP & ALP, CK, LDH, GGT, and miscellaneous enzymes. Challenge yourself and enhance your understanding of these important enzymes.

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