English Weak Syllables Characteristics

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What is a general characteristic of weak syllables in English?

Shorter, lower in intensity, and different in quality compared to strong syllables

In the word 'Christmas', which syllable is perceived as weaker?

The second syllable

Which vowel sound is commonly associated with weak syllables in English?

Schwa /ə/

What is a characteristic of the vowel in weak syllables in English?

It tends to be shorter and lower in intensity compared to strong vowels

Which of the following represents the correct spelling for a word that contains schwa ?


In which of the following words does the high front unrounded vowel  occur as an unstressed vowel?


Which of the following words contains the most common syllabic consonant, giving an unstressed sound?


Which of the following words contains the most frequently found and important syllabic nasal?


In which of the following words does the stress fall on the second syllable?


What type of stress is marked with the symbol (‚) in a dictionary?

Secondary stress

Which level of stress refers to the absence of loudness, duration, and pitch height?


Which rule of stress placement is easy for two-syllable words?

The first syllable is always stressed.

This quiz covers the general characteristics of weak syllables in English, helping to understand unstressed syllables. It discusses features such as shorter vowel duration, lower intensity, and different vowel quality compared to strong syllables.

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