English Language Applications in Int'l Schools

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What language skills are included in the lesson?

Listening, Reading, and Writing

What is the new structure introduced in the lesson?

Present continuous tense

What is the intellectual objective of the lesson?

To illustrate the present continuous tense form and uses

What is one of the behavioral objectives of the lesson?

To write short sentences describing a picture

What vocabulary is introduced in the lesson?

Sports and movements

What is one of the ways students will demonstrate their understanding of the present continuous tense?

By using the present continuous tense in accurate sentences

What is the primary focus of the lesson?

To appreciate the value of different movements in daily life.

What tense is used to express feelings in the lesson?

Present continuous

What is the purpose of Activity 4?

To match words with correct pictures.

Which intelligence is associated with 'jump, skip, run, skate'?

Bodily Kinesthetic intelligence

What is the purpose of Activity 5?

To evaluate the whole lesson.

Which teaching technique is not suitable for the lesson?

Information gap

Analyze the English language skills and previous knowledge required for teaching and learning lessons, including reading, writing, listening, speaking, and vocabulary related to physical activities.

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