Energy Management and Savings

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What is a key aspect of performance evaluation in an evaporator?

Measuring refrigeration effect

What is the recommended least count for temperature indicating instruments?

0.1 °C

How can steam mass flow rate be measured in a steam heated vapour absorption chilling package?

Using a calibrated in-line steam flow meter

What is an alternative method for measuring water flow rate?

The method mentioned in VCR system

How can fuel flow rate be measured in a fuel fired vapour absorption system?

Using a calibrated in-line fuel flow meter

What is the purpose of cooling the condensate in steam heated vapour absorption chilling package?

To reduce flash steam losses

What type of building systems are exempt from the ECBC code?

Equipment and portions of building systems that use energy primarily for manufacturing processes

What is the primary purpose of passive solar design?

To use the sun’s energy for heating and cooling of living spaces

What is a characteristic of passive systems?

They are simple and have few moving parts

What is a benefit of passive solar design?

Decreased or eliminated heating and cooling costs

What is a major component of solar buildings?


What is the estimated savings in electricity expenditure with the incorporation of passive features in a solar building?

30 to 40%

What is the guaranteed minimum energy savings in kWh per year according to the contractor?

7,93,250 kWh

What is the ratio of energy savings shared between the contractor and the facility owner in the first three years?

95% for contractor and 5% for owner

What happens to the asset at the end of the 5-year contract period?

The asset is transferred to the owner at a nominal cost

What is the primary function of the HVAC system?

To transfer heat energy from a colder to a warmer level

What is the purpose of the maintenance expenses payment?

To pay for maintaining the Energy Efficiency Measures

How long is the term of the Performance Contract and Maintenance services?

5 years

What is the primary objective of ECBC in terms of construction and energy cost?

Minimize construction and energy cost

Who can prescribe energy conservation building codes and direct owners/occupiers to comply with them?

Central Government

How many climatic zones has India been divided into for the implementation of ECBC?


What is NOT considered in the ECBC Building Code?

Unconditioned storage spaces or warehouses

What is the purpose of dividing India into climatic zones?

To suit regional and local climatic conditions

What aspect of buildings is NOT considered in the ECBC Building Code?

Building orientation

What is a fundamental principle of green building?

Minimize adverse impacts on the environment

What is the goal of optimizing building orientation and design?

To reduce artificial lighting energy use

What is the recommended increase in building performance above minimum IEC compliance level?

30 to 40% or more

What is the purpose of using high-performance low-glazing?

To result in significant year-round energy savings

What is the benefit of maximizing controlled natural daylighting?

Reduced cooling load and energy use

What is the aim of optimizing passive solar orientation?

To minimize undesirable solar gains during summer and maximize during winter

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