Electromechanical Management Computer and Core Control Chip Quiz

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Which microprocessor is used as the core control chip in the Electromechanical Management Computer (EMMC)?


Which component of the EMMS does the EMMC communicate with using the HDLC serial bus interface?

Avionics System

What is the function of the dual-port RAM in the EMMC?

To implement communications with other components

What type of signals does the EMMC control and send to the PHMU?

Discrete signals

What is the purpose of the signals sent from the EMMC to the Avionics System?

To display warnings

Test your knowledge on the Electromechanical Management Computer (3141CM1) and its core control chip, the 32-bit microprocessor POWERPC860. This quiz will also cover the embedded real-time operating system and the AT90S8515 SCM used in the acquisition modules for multi-computer communication.

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