Electric Fields Quiz
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Electric Fields Quiz

Test your knowledge of electric fields with this quiz! Explore the properties and behavior of electrically charged particles and their surrounding physical fields. Assess your understanding of attractive and repulsive forces between charged particles and their impact on the electric field.

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An electric field (sometimes E-field) is the physical field that surrounds electrically charged particles. Charged particles exert attractive forces on each other when their charges are opposite, and repulsion forces on each other when their charges are the ______


The electric field of a single charge (or group of charges) describes their capacity to exert such forces on another charged ______


These forces are described by Coulomb's Law, which says that the greater the magnitude of the charges, the greater the force, and the greater the distance between them, the weaker the ______


Thus, we may informally say that the greater the charge of an object, the stronger its electric ______

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Similarly, the electric field is stronger nearer charged objects and weaker ______

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