Elections Process Overview

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What type of government is formed when the winning political party secures more MP seats than all opposition parties combined?

Majority government

Who is responsible for representing Canada both domestically and internationally?

Prime Minister

What is the role of the Governor General in Canada's government?

Commander-in-chief of Canada

What is the main responsibility of the Speaker of the House?

Overseeing Parliamentary conduct and debate

What happens when the Governor General prorogues parliament?

Resets the parliamentary session

Why is having a majority government beneficial in passing legislation?

To have more seats than opposition parties combined

What happens after the official period of voting in Canadian federal elections?

Votes are counted by machines and politically neutral volunteers and staff.

How are MP candidates granted seats in the Canadian parliament?

By winning a majority of votes in their electoral riding.

What determines the winner of a Canadian federal election?

The candidate who wins the most ridings nationwide.

What event influenced voters to support new parties in the 1993 Canadian federal election?

The increasing debt and unpopularity of the Progressive Conservative Party.

In 1993, why did citizens in Western Canada and Quebec vote for new parties?

To express discontent with affordability, debt, and regional issues.

How did Canadian democracy prove itself during the 1993 election?

By allowing citizens to express concerns through voting for new ideas and parties.

Learn about the process of counting votes, determining MPs, and electing the winning party leader in Canadian elections. Understand how seats in parliament are allocated based on the number of votes received by a political party.

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