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What does 'E' mean in the derivation of the word 'education'?


What is the origin of the word 'education'?

It comes from the Latin word 'Educo' meaning 'I lead out'

According to one view, what does the word 'education' mean?

Cultivating innate powers and capacities

What is the process of education?

Leading students out of darkness into light

What is education considered to be, according to one view?

A development of innate powers and capacities

Which of the following is NOT listed as a chief characteristic of education?

Imposition of external knowledge

What is the Latin origin of the word 'education' according to one view?


Which process is mentioned as parallel to the education process?

Nursing process

What does education mean according to the second view presented in the text?

Growth from within

What is the aim of nursing education according to the text?

To develop nursing skills

Test your knowledge on education outlines and learning objectives, including topics such as aims of education, nursing education, and methods of teaching. See if you can define key concepts and understand the educational process.

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