Ecology Concepts and Definitions

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What is the difference between a population and a community?

A population is a group of individuals of the same species, while a community is a group of different species.

Which of the following is considered part of an ecosystem?

Climate conditions

What is the biosphere?

All the regions of Earth that include living things

How do humans extend their carrying capacity?

By medical innovations

What are the climate factors that affect biomes?

Sun and rain

What is the definition of an ecosystem?

All of the organisms along with nonliving things in a given area

How is a biome defined?

A major community characterized by plant communities and climate conditions

What is meant by the carrying capacity of a population?

The number of individuals a population can support

Which factor does NOT affect biomes?

Medical innovations

What distinguishes a community from an ecosystem?

A community includes both living and nonliving elements

Test your knowledge on basic ecology concepts and definitions including organisms, populations, communities, ecosystems, and biomes. Learn about the relationships between living organisms and their environment.

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