ECED 107 Module 2.Lesson 2: NAEYC Position Statement on Assessing Young Children Quiz

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What should be a central part of all early childhood programs according to the text?

Ethical, appropriate, valid, and reliable assessment

Which of the following is NOT mentioned as an indicator of effective assessment in the text?

Administering individually administered norm-referenced tests extensively

What key principle guides assessment practices according to the text?

Ethical principles

What is a recommended consideration when using individual norm-referenced tests?

Limiting the use of individual norm-referenced tests

What is the purpose of improving teachers' and families' assessment literacy according to the text?

To enhance their understanding and ability to assess effectively

What is a key element of the NAEYC Position Statement on assessing young children?

Making ethical, appropriate, valid, and reliable assessment a central part of all early childhood programs

Why are assessment instruments required to be appropriate for ages and characteristics of children being assessed?

To align with professional criteria for quality

What is one of the intended effects of the Position Statement according to the text?

Influencing public policies

Which statement accurately reflects the Position Statement's view on curriculum implementation?

Implementing curriculum that is thoughtfully planned

What kind of program evaluation does the Position Statement recommend?

Guided by clear program goals

What is a significant aspect of the Position Statement's influence?

Promoting strong investments for accessible and affordable learning environments

How does the NAEYC Position Statement aim to promote dialogue on significant issues?

By creating a shared language and evidence-based frame of reference

Test your knowledge on the NAEYC Position Statement regarding the assessment of young children. This quiz is based on the 2003 Joint Position Statement of NAEYC and NAECS/SDE, focusing on early childhood curriculum, assessment, and program evaluation.

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