EAP-104 Reading Week 2: Film Studies Academic Word List

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Film Studies emerged as a formal academic discipline in Europe in the early 20th century.


The primary goal of studying movies academically is to prevent emotional manipulation by filmmakers.


Film Studies as a field of study grew solely due to the rise of feminism and popular culture.


The text asserts that the study of movies academically diminishes the enjoyment of watching films.


The author assumes that readers have a deep understanding of Film Studies as a field of study.


Study Notes

Importance of Film Studies

  • Film Studies is a significant field of study as movies have a significant impact on the audience's feelings, thoughts, and beliefs.
  • Movies can manipulate the audience's emotions, making them jump in surprise, feel afraid or angry, and yet, very few people have ever thought of studying movies academically.

Techniques Used to Invite Readers

  • The writer uses a conversational tone to invite readers into the topic, asking questions like "What technique or techniques do you see the writer using to invite readers into the topic?"
  • The writer shares a relatable experience, stating that the reader may have seen many movies before, making them think there is no need to study this topic.

Visceral Reaction

  • A visceral reaction is when the body reacts or moves because of something strange that is seen in a movie.
  • This reaction is emotional and instinctive, rather than rational or thoughtful.

Academic Study of Film

  • Film Studies has much to offer, as almost everyone has watched or will watch movies, and therefore, has been influenced by them.
  • Studying Film Studies can help individuals understand how movies manipulate an audience, including why some movies make them feel a certain way.

Employment Opportunities

  • 'Visual literacy' is a valuable and important skill, which can be useful even if it does not directly lead to a practical career.

History of Film Studies

  • Film Studies as a formal academic discipline emerged in the United States, influenced by the work of film critics in Europe, especially in France.
  • The field grew due to the rise of feminism and a growing interest in popular culture, leading to its spread throughout the world.

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