Drawing Medication from a Vial

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What is the first step in drawing medication from a vial?

Check the expiration date and clarity of the medication

Why is it recommended to draw up a little over 2 mL of air before inserting the needle into the vial?

To create a vacuum for drawing up the appropriate amount of medication

What is the purpose of cleaning the rubber stopper with an alcohol prep before inserting the needle?

To prevent contamination of the medication

What should be done after inserting the needle into the rubber stopper of the medication vial?

Push the air drawn into the vial

What is the purpose of inverting the medication vial?

To facilitate drawing up medication

Why is it important to expel any air bubbles from the syringe after drawing up the medication?

To ensure accurate dosage administration

What is the purpose of gently tapping or pushing up on the syringe after filling it with medication?

To expel any air bubbles and ensure correct volume

At what point should one check if there are any particles loose in the medication vial?

Before drawing up a little over 2 mL of air

What does checking for clarity of the medication involve?

Ensuring that there are no visible particles in the medication

Why is it recommended to recap using a one-handed method after removing the needle from the medication vial?

To prevent needle stick injuries

This quiz will test your knowledge and understanding of the procedure for drawing medication from a vial. It covers the supplies needed, medication inspection, and the process of drawing up the medication using a syringe.

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