DNA Structure and Base Pairing Quiz

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What is the main function of hydrogen bonding in the DNA structure?

Stabilize the double helix structure

What is the primary function of DNA in cells?

Store information for protein synthesis

What component would not be found in a nucleotide?

DNA polymerase

Which statement does not describe the structure of DNA?

Composed of lipids

What is the main enzyme responsible for linking nucleotides during replication?

DNA polymerase

Which biochemical process is crucial for maintaining the stability of DNA strands?

Hydrogen bonding

What does the Watson-Crick model suggest carries coded information?

The linear array of the amino acids

Which DNA strand is complementary to CGT ATC GAG?


How is the DNA 'backbone' sequence structured?


Which component is NOT found in a molecule of DNA?

Include fats or lipids

How does DNA pack a large amount of genetic material into the nucleus?


How are sugars bonded to phosphates in the DNA molecule?

Covalent bonding

Test your knowledge on DNA structure and base pairing with these multiple-choice questions. Topics include the Watson-Crick model, complementary DNA strands, and the sequence of the DNA backbone.

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