DNA Profiling and Genetic Fingerprinting Quiz

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What is DNA profiling also known as?

DNA fingerprinting

What is DNA barcoding primarily used for?

Identifying a species

What was the first criminal case to use DNA profiling?

Nottingham rape case

In addition to forensic investigations, in what other field is DNA profiling commonly used?

Genealogical research

In which year did British geneticist Sir Alec Jeffreys develop a process for DNA profiling?


What is the primary use of traditional unfermented soybeans?

Making soy milk, tofu, and tofu skin

Which soy product is a significant and cheap source of protein for animal feeds?

Fat-free soybean meal

What is the etymological origin of the word 'soy'?

Corruption of the Cantonese or Japanese names for soy sauce

What is the name of the genus to which soybean belongs?


What is the most important protein source for feed farm animals?


Test your knowledge of DNA profiling and genetic fingerprinting with this quiz. Learn about the forensic technique used in criminal investigations and the process of identifying individuals based on their DNA characteristics. Explore the concept of DNA barcoding and its application in species identification.

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