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Disney Shake It Up-Themed Club Quiz

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What is the primary theme of the new Disney movie 'The Summer Fun Dance S.I.U.'?

Shake it up-themed club

Who is the mascot of the club in the new Disney movie?


What color are the boom-eyeball speakers on the shake it up-themed boombox in the Disney movie?

Yellow and pink

Which character can be the wonderstar in the new Disney movie?


What type of voice does Leo Chockers provide in the movie 'The Summer Fun Dance S.I.U.'?

Graphic equalizer voice

What event is celebrated at the rooftop in 'The Summer Fun Dance S.I.U.'?

Summer pool party

In which year is the new Disney movie 'The Summer Fun Dance S.I.U.' scheduled for release?


How many albums does the adult male DJ at the club play songs from in 'The Summer Fun Dance S.I.U.'?


Study Notes

The Summer Fun Dance S.I.U. Movie

Club Setting

  • The movie features a shake it up-themed club with a yellow, pink, and purple neon square-shaped dancefloor
  • A purple boombox with yellow and pink boom-eyeball speakers is part of the club setting
  • An EDM disco ball and purple smoke create a lively atmosphere


  • Pinkfong, a pink character with a yellow star and wearing a yellow crown, has a pink tail
  • Pinkfong is not the king but can be the wonderstar
  • Zadie, a purple wombat face on a computer screen, is voiced by Mia Swami-Nathan
  • Shayle Simons voices the S.I.U. voice speaker as Leo Chockers on the computer screen

Rooftop Pool Party

  • The rooftop features a blue pool with real waterslides for a summer pool party
  • Yellow, pink, and purple spotlights light up the rooftop
  • A pool bar offers food and drinks

DJ and Music

  • A male adult DJ plays 60 songs from 4 shake it up albums on Disney Channel
  • The DJ mixer charges the shake it up-themed boombox
  • No Conga line or band is available in the club

Tickets and Release

  • Free tickets are available, but purchase tickets are not available
  • The movie, "The Summer Fun Dance S.I.U.," is coming to Disney in June 2024

Test your knowledge about the elements of the Disney movie, including a neon square-shaped dancefloor, a purple boombox, an EDM disco ball, and a club mascot named Pinkfong. Explore the details of the rooftop pool party with waterslides in this fun quiz!

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