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Who discovered the electron through the Cathode ray discharge tube experiment?

J.J. Thomson

What happens when the pressure inside the cathode ray tube is reduced to 0.01 mm Hg?

The tube begins to glow

What is the name given to the rays that start from the cathode and move away from it in straight lines?

Cathode rays

What material is used to coat the tube behind the anode to check the cathode rays?

Zinc sulphide

At what pressure does a dark space appear near the cathode inside the cathode ray tube?

1 mm Hg

What happens when a very high voltage (about 10,000 volts) is applied between the two electrodes at normal pressure?

No electric discharge occurs

What can be observed with the help of fluorescent or phosphorescent materials?

Cathode rays

What happens to the cathode rays in the presence of an electric or magnetic field?

They exhibit behavior similar to negatively charged particles

What do cathode rays consist of?

Negatively charged particles called electrons

What do cathode rays (electrons) possess?

Kinetic energy

What is the charge to mass (e/me) ratio of electron?

$1.758 × 10^{11} C kg^{-1}$

How did R.A. Millikan determine the charge on the electrons?

Through the oil drop experiment

Who modified the discharge tube experiment by perforating the cathode?

$E. Goldstein$

What is emitted behind the perforated cathode according to E. Goldstein's experiment?

$Canal$ rays

What happens when high voltage is applied between the two electrodes at normal pressure?

Emission of cathode rays

What do cathode rays possess that allows them to do mechanical work?

Kinetic energy

Test your knowledge on the discovery of the electron by J J Thomson through the Cathode ray discharge tube experiment and its implications for understanding sub-atomic particles.

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